Stranger Than Fiction

Poster Final 0002-smallStranger Than Fiction
an Exhibition of Recent Work by Cindy & Bill  Buzádi

Runs from September 12th to September 26th.
Opening Reception on Saturday, September 14th from 1-4 pm

at Gallery Catalyst
666 Queen Street West at Palmerston, Toronto, 1-647-748-1666
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Gallery Hours: Mon & Tues: closed, Wed-Fri: 1-7pm, Sat: 11-7, Sun: 1-5

Stranger than Fiction, is a collaboration between visual artists Cindy Buzádi and Bill Buzádi. The exhibition is comprised of a collection of paintings, sculptures, and a twelve minute animated film titled, Discovery. Within the film, is the story of an organ grinder who works in a factory. The organ grinder is trying to fit into society on his own terms. The realization of the hopelessness of his situation threatens his sanity and distorts his perception of reality. The work in the exhibit depicts this urban atmosphere of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless world.

Work in the Exhibition

Discovery, a 12 min. animated short on display at the exhibition.

Space TV: InnerSPACE
Coverage of Stranger Than Fiction is set to air across the country on Space at 6PM EST and repeat at 11PM on Wednesday, September 18. Watch online at:

Pictures of the opening at Gallery Catalyst:

Exhibition Shots

Other work available at Gallery Catalyst:

C Buzadi M 0008

Mixed Media on Paper
by Cindy Buzadi:
On the Edge Series

B Buzadi L 0020

Mixed Media on Paper
By Bill Buzadi
In a Cloud Series









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